dinsdag, maart 28, 2023

    A new car, how do you buy it?

    Your car needs to be replaced after many years or you would like to buy a new car, but what should you choose now. Besides the fact that nowadays there are different types of cars available in different versions, there are also different ways how you can purchase a car. For example, you could choose to buy a car and it is directly yours, but nowadays it is also possible to lease a car. When leasing a car, you conclude the lease contract for a shorter or slightly longer period, after which you are provided with a car inexpensively and in a flexible manner. In this blog we will tell you more about short lease, which is used a lot for both private and business purposes!

    Choose short lease!

    With short lease there will always be a car available for you. Together with the dealer you can easily and quickly draw up a flexible contract, after which you will have a car, bus or other vehicle for a short time. The contract describes the requirements and the entire maintenance of the car is for the account of the lease company, so that you only have to pay the petrol costs yourself.

    Especially for SMEs, starting entrepreneurs, freelancers and other employees of companies, it is ideal to have a lease car. You can have a car for a short period of time and then easily travel from customer to customer. You have a neat car and this also ensures the right appearance to the customers. However, short lease is not only relevant in the business area, short lease also offers many advantages for private individuals!

    The advantages of private short lease

    Short lease also offers many advantages for private individuals. Mey short lease private you can drive carefree, cheap and flexible. You have a choice of 1300 different cars, after which the car could be at your door within 24 hours. As a private individual you are only responsible for the fuel, which means that the lease company takes care of all the maintenance of the car.

    The difference between a private lease and short lease is that with a private lease contract you are often linked to a contract for a long time, while with a short lease you can cancel the contract at any time – after 30 days. You will also not have a BKR with short lease private, while this is the case with private lease.

    See if short lease is for you and what the benefits are for yourself, after which you may also be able to drive around in a new car next week!

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