Nice things for the water


Are you looking for fun things to do on the water? Then reading this blog may be of interest to you! Are you often on the water with your boat and are you looking for something cool and fun for in the water? Many people often think of a jet ski or water scooter if you want something extra next to your boat. Yet people want something different because, for example, it is just too expensive and because it gives extra care for such a large water scooter. You have to buy an extra trailer and pay for winter storage. That is why, when writing this blog, we have thought about the price of the product and the concerns that come with purchasing. Curious? Read some great ideas below!


The first product we love is a Seabob. This is the fastest water sled in the world. It has a weight of only 35 kg, making it easy to lift and carry. With this Seabob you can enjoy it above and below the water. For example, when you are in a very beautiful area outside the Netherlands to discover the coral, for example, a Seabob is super handy because it saves a lot of swimming. The price of a Seabob is well below the level of a watercraft. However, it is a great purchase for many, but the pleasure is indescribable. A Seabob radiates above other seascooters because of the beautiful design and the different gears it has. For the sporty types, the top gear can be used for a faster speed.


What has become very popular worldwide in recent years is having an efoil. Efoilen is originally from Australia and has been picked up by other countries. Efoiling is similar to surfing, however, no wind and waves are required for efoiling. Efoilen is powered by an electric motor at the bottom of the board. Controlling the board is done with a remote control that you can use to determine the speed. In addition, balance is also important because you control the board with your body. Just like a Seabob, taking it with you is very easy, it fits in the car and is not too heavy. No trailer or anything is required. Just a charger and a remote control. The price is a lot lower than a water scooter. Buying Efoil is best done at Efoil Amsterdam, they have a wide choice with excellent service.

SUP board

Buying a sup board is also a great idea for people who have a little less budget. Paddling calmly over the water with a supboard gives you a lot of rest. You are also active in sports. A supboard is easy to carry because you can deflate it and the paddle itself is very light. As an extra with the boat, it can be very nice if you are going to make a trip with several.