There are many misconceptions about CBD


Have you ever used CBD or are you currently a user of it? Then you probably know what good effects this drug can have on your health, you may even experience the benefits of it at the moment. But there are also many misconceptions about CBD. Often these arise from a lack of knowledge. High time to get rid of some of them

CBD is the same as hemp

CBD is not the same as hemp. CBD does come from the hemp plant, so it is a logical misunderstanding. Unfortunately, hemp is quickly seen as something negative, because the substance THC also comes from the hemp plant. And THC, we know that as the most important substance in weed, the application for which the hemp plant has become so famous.

So you cannot say that CBD is the same as hemp. You can say that CBD comes from the hemp plant, but has nothing to do with that other well-known substance, THC.

You can get high from CBD

You cannot get high from pure CBD. As explained above, CBD has nothing to do with THC, and that is the substance from the hemp plant that ensures that you can get high. However, you have to be careful that you have pure CBD. There are also brands that combine CBD and THC and offer this as a product. So pay close attention to where you buy your CBD, and choose a store that does not offer drugs. With CBD from Cibdol, for example, you know that it is as pure as it can be and you are guaranteed not to get high.

CBD is actually illegal

Although CBD comes from the hemp plant, the substance is anything but illegal. Did you know that, for example, oil for the kitchen and even fibers for making clothing are extracted from the hemp plant? These are of course not illegal, just like CBD. So you do not have to worry that you are punishable with CBD in your pocket. It is known as a dietary supplement, not a drug, and it also has these characteristics.

The effect of CBD has never been proven

A tricky one. There is still plenty of research being done into the precise effect of CBD. However, it is now clear that it works. How exactly does this happen? That is still under investigation. The fact is that it seems to work quite centrally in the body, and in this way can get all kinds of processes that may be disrupted back into line. More information about CBD can be found here:

CBD is a medicine

CBD is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement that is available without a prescription. You do not have to visit a doctor, and usually use it on your own initiative. This also means, for example, that you must determine the appropriate dosage for you, often by starting low and increasing the dosage drop by drop until the desired result is achieved.