5 tasty beer colors


The color names below will certainly be familiar to the beer lover. These are the most drunk beers that are released in different variants. People who want to know a little more about these beers should read on. Maybe you will discover new facts about your favorite beer.


Blonde beer owes its name to the golden yellow color of the beer. These beers are fresh and have a soft taste because they contain less hops than other beers. Blonde beer is also sometimes referred to as a sweet beer. That is why blond beer is particularly popular in the summer. Blonde beer falls under the specialty beers with a top fermentation. It is a Belgian beer style and the alcohol percentage varies between 6% and 9%.


Amber beer is a lesser known color because this beer is not actually a type in itself. Yet these copper-colored beers are quite well-known. The amber beer owes its color to the pale malts used in the brewing process. The beer is spicy in taste and has a low to medium bitterness. The alcohol percentages of these amber beers vary between 4.4% and 6.1%.


Brown or dark beer naturally owes its name to the dark brown color of the beer. In the past, pure brown malt was used in the brewing process, but that is different nowadays. The beer is brewed with pale malt to which we add dark malts in the process. This gives brown beer a sweet aftertaste and is especially popular among women. The alcohol percentage varies between 4% and 6%.


Black beer is a German pilsner with an opaque black color. Only dark malts are used in the brewing process of these beers. Black beer has a low fermentation and the alcohol percentage varies between 4.5% and 5%. The beer has a burning bitter taste with a low sweet aftertaste and the aroma is full of aromas of the roasted malt.


Rosé beer owes its name to the pink-red color. The beer has a fresh and sweet taste that is often reminiscent of raspberry, cherry or strawberry. It is a light beer that is mainly drunk in the summer. Originally, a rosé beer is a wheat beer to which fruit juices are added during the brewing process. This creates the fruity taste. The alcohol percentage of rosé beer is often around 3%.