This summer is a bit colder than I expected. That’s why I have to make some purchases. An evening hanging out on the beach with friends quickly gets a bit fresher. Of course I don’t want to walk in a thick coat. That makes it a bit too hot again.

Chill out on the beach

Every evening I can be found in the beloved Scheveningen with my friends. Often at Colorado Charlie. Nice music with a drink. That makes the evening complete. Lately it has just been colder than expected. Even though I’ve been at Scheveningen all the time, I don’t want to go home and change. That’s a bit inconvenient. I also don’t feel like carrying a whole bag of clothes. This is why I need an alternative. Friends of mine said I should check out Babista. Here you will find everything.

Looking for an alternative

I went to look at the site and found everything. Finally my mother came up with the idea of ​​buying a body warmer. So I went looking for a men’s body warmer on Babista. I really like what seemed nice to me. Of course I have to make a choice.

I was able to buy a whole set with pants and body warmer. It is then made of a soft material. So also nice to sit in. It is nice and airy and does not make it too hot. The perfect choice. I have put the product in my shopping cart and paid for it.

to enjoy

Now the package has finally arrived and I can put it on when I am on the beach in Scheveningen. Other friends of mine wanted to know where I bought this suit. I also referred them to Babista. They too had bought a product from the site. Now we were all in the same style on the beach at Colorado Charlie. Enjoy a drink without shivering.

When the music gets louder and everyone has already had some drinks, the dances come up. This suit is also very nice with this. You can move around in it and let go. And when it gets hot you can just take off the body warmer. But in Scheveningen it is generally a bit cooler in the evening, so think that it does not go out that quickly, especially when you sit outside.

So Babista is highly recommended at the end of the game and I say to everyone that there are very nice things to be found there for a good price.