Frequently asked questions about Efoilen


Do you want to know more about the new sport efoiling? Then you are on the right page! In this blog we tell you the answers to unclear questions about efoiling. For a few years now, efoiling has been a total hit all over the world. With a kind of surfboard you float over the water that is powered by an electric motor under the board. Controlling the board is done with a small remote control in your hands and balancing with your body to give direction to the board. Below is an overview of a number of general questions to dismiss your lack of clarity about efoiling.

How does an efoil work?

An efoil board is very simple to operate. An efoil board works the same as a hydrofoil. You are lifted out of the water with the board so that you can gain speed and so you can float over the water with pleasure. Under the board is an electric motor that you have to charge, which drives the board. You can control it with a remote control in your hand. Finally, balance is very important with the board. Your body must have the correct posture so that you are stable on the board. In addition, you move your body to steer the board. With an efoil lesson at Efoil Ijburg Amsterdam you can take lessons to learn it!

Is efoiling dangerous?

Efoiling is not dangerous. If you compare it to normal surfing on a wave or kite surfing or wakeboarding, efoiling is really not dangerous. With surfing or wakeboarding you can often reach a high speed, which makes it often dangerous when you fall. Falling hard on the water is often just like rock. The safe thing about efoiling is that you can completely determine how fast you go on the board. You don’t depend on a wave and the wind to go fast. By means of the remote control you can determine how fast you go. When efoiling you can also wear an impact vest and a helmet so that you are protected against falling. Wearing these things also makes you feel safer, which gives you more confidence.

Do you need a boating license?

Many people wonder whether you need a boating license for efoiling, just like with a water scooter. The answer to this is no. Because the efoil board is powered by an electric motor and has a maximum speed of 20 km / h, you do not need a boating license.

Can you efoil in any weather?

As with surfing the weather is very important, when there is no wind there are no waves and that means you cannot surf. With efoiling you are not dependent on the weather. However, it is not ideal if it is very windy and raining because then there is little efoil fun.