Which pests can cause nuisance in the garden?


Every inhabitant of Amsterdam and the surrounding area has ever suffered from vermin in the house. For example, mice, silverfish and bed bugs can appear in your home. However, vermin can also cause nuisance outdoors. Curious which pests can cause nuisance in your garden? We have listed a number of species in this text.

1. Moles

Do you have moles in your garden? Then more and more damage occurs. This pest digs a network of corridors under your garden. They transport the sand outside, creating molehills. The larger the tunnel system is, the more molehills can be found. A mole can also dig tunnels just below the soil surface. This can affect your lawn, as well as flowers and plants.

Fortunately, moles can be controlled in various ways. For example, you can catch them with a mole trap. If the creature ends up in here, it will be killed instantly. Don’t you want this? Then use a mole quiver. This will catch the mole alive. You can also try to scare away moles. This can be done with ultrasound, among other things.

2. Wasps

Wasps are pests that cause a lot of nuisance in the spring and summer. These pests can be a nuisance to you, for example, if you enjoy the beautiful weather outside. This chance is much greater if you have a sweet with you. Wasps love sweet food and drink and are therefore attracted to this.

Do you want to fight wasps? Then you have to be aware of the dangers. A wasp can sting if you corner it. Therefore, do not hunt the wasps, but let them be trapped yourself. You can buy such a trap, but you can also make it yourself from an empty soda bottle. Fill a trap with syrup or another sweet drink. Wasps then come here and crawl into the trap. Once they are in there, they cannot get out.

Do you experience a lot of nuisance from wasps? Then there is a chance that there is a wasp nest nearby. For this it is best to follow a wasp on its journey. If it flies into an opening near your home, chances are there is a nest. In that case, appeal to Pest Control Amsterdam.

3. Ants

Just like wasps, ants also cause a lot of nuisance in the summer. These bugs may not hurt you, but it is not pleasant if there are a lot of walking around your home. By the way, ants can also pop up in the house. Reason enough to fight ants. Fortunately, you can easily fight these bugs yourself. For example, pour boiling water into and over the ant’s nest for several days in a row. Do you not achieve the desired result with this? Then bait boxes may offer a solution.