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Frequently asked questions about Efoilen


Do you want to know more about the new sport efoiling? Then you are on the right page! In this blog we tell you the answers to unclear questions about efoiling. For a few years now, efoiling has been a total hit all over the world. With a kind of surfboard you float over the water that is powered by an electric motor under the board. Controlling the board is done with a small remote control in your hands and balancing with your body to give direction to the board. Below is an overview of a number of general questions to dismiss your lack of clarity about efoiling.

How does an efoil work?

An efoil board is very simple to operate. An efoil board works the same as a hydrofoil. You are lifted out of the water with the board so that you can gain speed and so you can float over the water with pleasure. Under the board is an electric motor that you have to charge, which drives the board. You can control it with a remote control in your hand. Finally, balance is very important with the board. Your body must have the correct posture so that you are stable on the board. In addition, you move your body to steer the board. With an efoil lesson at Efoil Ijburg Amsterdam you can take lessons to learn it!

Is efoiling dangerous?

Efoiling is not dangerous. If you compare it to normal surfing on a wave or kite surfing or wakeboarding, efoiling is really not dangerous. With surfing or wakeboarding you can often reach a high speed, which makes it often dangerous when you fall. Falling hard on the water is often just like rock. The safe thing about efoiling is that you can completely determine how fast you go on the board. You don’t depend on a wave and the wind to go fast. By means of the remote control you can determine how fast you go. When efoiling you can also wear an impact vest and a helmet so that you are protected against falling. Wearing these things also makes you feel safer, which gives you more confidence.

Do you need a boating license?

Many people wonder whether you need a boating license for efoiling, just like with a water scooter. The answer to this is no. Because the efoil board is powered by an electric motor and has a maximum speed of 20 km / h, you do not need a boating license.

Can you efoil in any weather?

As with surfing the weather is very important, when there is no wind there are no waves and that means you cannot surf. With efoiling you are not dependent on the weather. However, it is not ideal if it is very windy and raining because then there is little efoil fun.

Fresh summer


This summer is a bit colder than I expected. That’s why I have to make some purchases. An evening hanging out on the beach with friends quickly gets a bit fresher. Of course I don’t want to walk in a thick coat. That makes it a bit too hot again.

Chill out on the beach

Every evening I can be found in the beloved Scheveningen with my friends. Often at Colorado Charlie. Nice music with a drink. That makes the evening complete. Lately it has just been colder than expected. Even though I’ve been at Scheveningen all the time, I don’t want to go home and change. That’s a bit inconvenient. I also don’t feel like carrying a whole bag of clothes. This is why I need an alternative. Friends of mine said I should check out Babista. Here you will find everything.

Looking for an alternative

I went to look at the site and found everything. Finally my mother came up with the idea of ​​buying a body warmer. So I went looking for a men’s body warmer on Babista. I really like what seemed nice to me. Of course I have to make a choice.

I was able to buy a whole set with pants and body warmer. It is then made of a soft material. So also nice to sit in. It is nice and airy and does not make it too hot. The perfect choice. I have put the product in my shopping cart and paid for it.

to enjoy

Now the package has finally arrived and I can put it on when I am on the beach in Scheveningen. Other friends of mine wanted to know where I bought this suit. I also referred them to Babista. They too had bought a product from the site. Now we were all in the same style on the beach at Colorado Charlie. Enjoy a drink without shivering.

When the music gets louder and everyone has already had some drinks, the dances come up. This suit is also very nice with this. You can move around in it and let go. And when it gets hot you can just take off the body warmer. But in Scheveningen it is generally a bit cooler in the evening, so think that it does not go out that quickly, especially when you sit outside.

So Babista is highly recommended at the end of the game and I say to everyone that there are very nice things to be found there for a good price.

Don’t make it too difficult for yourself and opt for easy weight loss


When you want to lose a few pounds, it is not necessary at all to follow a crash diet. Don’t make it too difficult for yourself and opt for easy weight loss. Easy weight loss is a weight loss method in which you adopt a completely new lifestyle. This so that you can maintain your lifestyle in the longer term. It is of no use to lose a few kilos now and that you will have gained those kilos again in a few months. When you opt for easy weight loss, you will see that this can also be maintained in the longer term.

The longer term

If you want to lose weight, you definitely want to lose this weight permanently. This is possible by being more conscious about making choices. When you learn to make healthy eating choices, you will see that losing weight can be permanent. In order to lose weight permanently, it is therefore important that you choose a new lifestyle in which you learn to deal more consciously with responsible and healthy food. Examples of this are low-carbohydrate meals and protein-rich meals.

Protein-rich meals

When you want to lose weight, it is important to eat protein-rich meals. This is because these meals do not contain unhealthy fats and carbohydrates. So you can easily lose weight with the help of protein-rich food. If you don’t just want to take shakes, you can also opt for alternatives. You can think of low-carb bread, among other things. You can also take this into account with regard to the evening meal. There are plenty of alternatives to potatoes, rice and pasta.


Nowadays there are all kinds of alternatives to potatoes, rice and pasta available in the supermarket. For example, you can opt for a pizza base made from cauliflower rice, or a wrap made from bell pepper. If you want to lose weight, it is not at all necessary to walk around with a feeling of hunger. All you have to do is adjust your diet. And when you do this you will see that losing weight is easier than you might have thought in advance. Especially if you have a tendency to gain weight quickly, it is smart to adjust your diet. This is the only way you will see that you can lose weight permanently, which will make you feel a lot more comfortable. When you are overweight, this can have all kinds of negative consequences.

Nice things for the water


Are you looking for fun things to do on the water? Then reading this blog may be of interest to you! Are you often on the water with your boat and are you looking for something cool and fun for in the water? Many people often think of a jet ski or water scooter if you want something extra next to your boat. Yet people want something different because, for example, it is just too expensive and because it gives extra care for such a large water scooter. You have to buy an extra trailer and pay for winter storage. That is why, when writing this blog, we have thought about the price of the product and the concerns that come with purchasing. Curious? Read some great ideas below!


The first product we love is a Seabob. This is the fastest water sled in the world. It has a weight of only 35 kg, making it easy to lift and carry. With this Seabob you can enjoy it above and below the water. For example, when you are in a very beautiful area outside the Netherlands to discover the coral, for example, a Seabob is super handy because it saves a lot of swimming. The price of a Seabob is well below the level of a watercraft. However, it is a great purchase for many, but the pleasure is indescribable. A Seabob radiates above other seascooters because of the beautiful design and the different gears it has. For the sporty types, the top gear can be used for a faster speed.


What has become very popular worldwide in recent years is having an efoil. Efoilen is originally from Australia and has been picked up by other countries. Efoiling is similar to surfing, however, no wind and waves are required for efoiling. Efoilen is powered by an electric motor at the bottom of the board. Controlling the board is done with a remote control that you can use to determine the speed. In addition, balance is also important because you control the board with your body. Just like a Seabob, taking it with you is very easy, it fits in the car and is not too heavy. No trailer or anything is required. Just a charger and a remote control. The price is a lot lower than a water scooter. Buying Efoil is best done at Efoil Amsterdam, they have a wide choice with excellent service.

SUP board

Buying a sup board is also a great idea for people who have a little less budget. Paddling calmly over the water with a supboard gives you a lot of rest. You are also active in sports. A supboard is easy to carry because you can deflate it and the paddle itself is very light. As an extra with the boat, it can be very nice if you are going to make a trip with several.

A big lounge set offer to start the year


I think 2020 is a year to forget for everyone. This is no different for me, I prefer to forget 2020 as soon as possible and step into 2021 with both feet. I also can’t wait until New Year’s Eve, I must and will see the year 2020 change into the year 2021. I would like to start 2021 well. In this fall I will be renovating my garden and a new lounge set will be needed for a new garden. That is why I have already started looking for a lounge set offer to start 2021. A decent lounge set offer is not always easy to find. It is therefore wise to start on time. Unfortunately, I am also very picky so searching for me will take a while, maybe until 2022.

Quality and material

The frame of the lounge set must be made of aluminum. I always call this aluminum lounge set aluminum. Lounge set aluminum is very strong aluminum and lasts a very long time. If I ever need aluminum for something else, I compare it to lounge set aluminum, if the aluminum is just as good as lounge set aluminum, it is good and strong stuff. In addition, I would like the lounge set to be made of plastic. The best for me is a beautiful braided pattern and in a light, beige, sand color. The cushions on my lounge set must also be able to withstand a downpour. Of course I always put my pillows indoors in the evening, but in the summer there can always be a sudden downpour. The pillow must therefore get a little wet. That is why I am looking for the perfect lounge set offer. The lounge set offer must give a decent discount on a set that meets all my wishes.

Search for the perfect offer

The perfect lounge set offer is not easy to find due to my enormous pickiness. But once I have found the right offer, I will have a fantastic start to 2021. This is also a good season to look for these types of offers. In the fall, many people start to think about changes in their garden. It also gives me something to look forward to. My new garden will not be finished until I have also found the perfect lounge set. As long as this one is made from my trusted lounge set aluminum, I will soon be okay with it. And of course it has to be priced. That is why I keep looking for the right lounge set offer.

There are many misconceptions about CBD


Have you ever used CBD or are you currently a user of it? Then you probably know what good effects this drug can have on your health, you may even experience the benefits of it at the moment. But there are also many misconceptions about CBD. Often these arise from a lack of knowledge. High time to get rid of some of them

CBD is the same as hemp

CBD is not the same as hemp. CBD does come from the hemp plant, so it is a logical misunderstanding. Unfortunately, hemp is quickly seen as something negative, because the substance THC also comes from the hemp plant. And THC, we know that as the most important substance in weed, the application for which the hemp plant has become so famous.

So you cannot say that CBD is the same as hemp. You can say that CBD comes from the hemp plant, but has nothing to do with that other well-known substance, THC.

You can get high from CBD

You cannot get high from pure CBD. As explained above, CBD has nothing to do with THC, and that is the substance from the hemp plant that ensures that you can get high. However, you have to be careful that you have pure CBD. There are also brands that combine CBD and THC and offer this as a product. So pay close attention to where you buy your CBD, and choose a store that does not offer drugs. With CBD from Cibdol, for example, you know that it is as pure as it can be and you are guaranteed not to get high.

CBD is actually illegal

Although CBD comes from the hemp plant, the substance is anything but illegal. Did you know that, for example, oil for the kitchen and even fibers for making clothing are extracted from the hemp plant? These are of course not illegal, just like CBD. So you do not have to worry that you are punishable with CBD in your pocket. It is known as a dietary supplement, not a drug, and it also has these characteristics.

The effect of CBD has never been proven

A tricky one. There is still plenty of research being done into the precise effect of CBD. However, it is now clear that it works. How exactly does this happen? That is still under investigation. The fact is that it seems to work quite centrally in the body, and in this way can get all kinds of processes that may be disrupted back into line. More information about CBD can be found here: https://www.cibdol.com/cbd-encyclopedia/what-is-cbd.

CBD is a medicine

CBD is not a drug. It is a dietary supplement that is available without a prescription. You do not have to visit a doctor, and usually use it on your own initiative. This also means, for example, that you must determine the appropriate dosage for you, often by starting low and increasing the dosage drop by drop until the desired result is achieved.

Plan a night out for friends


Are you looking for a world gift for friends? Then you found it here. For many months we have all been virtually locked in the house. Most of them work at home, sometimes we have the children there when they are not allowed to go to school and we only go out for the shopping and a breath of fresh air. We even shop online en masse so that parcel deliverers work overtime. But really out, like before, that is no longer possible. We can no longer meet up with friends to do something fun together. Or wait, you can. Oh yeah? Yes, certainly online. Now I can already see your face getting involved, but read on because nowadays online are also super fun outings that you can do together. I mention a pub quiz or an escape room and yes, you can also go to a casino. An online casino. Just search online casino Netherlands and a world will probably open up for you. So invite your friends over for a genuine night of gambling.

All games

In the online casino you have all the games that you have in the regular casino. So you can really sit at a roulette table and of course you can also play the big favorite: Blackjack. Blackjack is played with six others and the dealer and it is a card game where you can have a lot of fun and fun. You play against the dealer and it is important to get closer to 21 than the dealer. But you have to be careful not to get over 21 because then you will lose all your money. The cards in Blackjack are equal to their actual value, so a two of spades is worth two points. The Ace is worth either one point or eleven points depending on what suits you best at that moment. The dealer deals two cards to you and himself. Only one of those cards is visible. Based on that one card, you have to decide whether to add one or not. You may be the first to look at your second card and decide what to do, after which the dealer will do the same. If you come closer to 21, you win.

Blackjack tips

This all sounds quite simple, but research has shown that many people lose their commitment unnecessarily. Why? Because people often get carried away too much by the feeling. So look up some solid Blackjack tips on the internet before starting this game. And then go wild with your friends because you will see that Blackjack online makes for a great night of fun and enjoyment.

How do you take care of yourself at home?


Now that we are all barely allowed to leave the house, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take care of ourselves. If our only foray in one day is to move our bed into our own living room, that’s not really motivating to look good. That is why we are increasingly settling for half-dressing ourselves, or having an unhealthy breakfast, because yes, there are no stimuli from the outside world, so what difference does it make? But we shouldn’t think of it like that! Once we get into this rut, it is difficult to break out (but not impossible). And taking good care of ourselves is important. Being physically cared for also has a major impact on people’s mental state. If we want to get out of this situation in a healthy way, we have to take time for ourselves mentally and physically.

It’s in the little things

Even if you don’t feel like you have the energy to take care of yourself, you can still do a few things at the start of your day. If you already complete a small task in the morning, it gives you a good feeling. And it can also motivate you to do a little more for the rest of the day. If not, at least you had a good feeling! For example, make your bed when you get up, it takes less than a minute, and then you have already done something. And a big tip is to at least get dressed yourself. Hanging around in your pajamas all day only makes you feel less inclined to do something.

Take care of your body

We all have more time to spend, so we should spend it on ourselves as well. For example, take a bath more often. That is very relaxing. If you don’t have a bath, you can pamper yourself with a nice scrub. Also put on a mask or take good care of your skin, for example with Zo Skin Health. If you look well-groomed, even though you may be the only one who sees it, you still feel better about yourself and about your day.

It’s so easy to neglect yourself a bit in these times, but that’s a shame and you end up only having yourself with it. Remember, looking good is always primarily for yourself and not for others. So why should that be any different now?

Carpet tiles


Carpet tiles are a floor covering that is often composed of a top layer or pile of woven textile fabric covered with a waterproof backing. The textiles are generally made of wool, although synthetic fibers including nylon, polyester or polypropylene have also been used in recent years as these fibers are more affordable than wool. Carpet tiles are available in different colors and designs. Some of them are very traditional while others have gained popularity with many homeowners looking for an easy to clean floor option.

Floor option

Many homeowners find that carpet tiles are easy to install because the installation process involves a decorative pattern or border and then laying the tiles directly on the floor. The actual weaving of the fabric is usually done in the finishing of the weaving process itself. The finished product has a textured surface, which makes it more pleasing to the eye than a smooth, flat floor. The actual carpet tiles themselves are usually fairly resilient, but they can be damaged by high foot traffic or spills. There are two common carpet tile installation methods: flat woven and modular carpets. In flat woven installations, the actual carpet tiles are installed one by one on the ground and then the backing membrane is installed around them. In modular carpet installations, the tiles are pre-cut and a series of parallel strips of carpet are laid along the base, sides and corners.


The most attractive feature of carpet tiles is their soft and luxurious feel. This luxurious feeling is especially desirable in small rooms where you want to create a warm atmosphere. Carpet tiles are also easy to decorate with. By placing them on a wall, for example, you can make a small room more inviting. They add warmth to a wall, as they create a homely atmosphere. Carpet tiles are also popular in kitchen designs as they offer a lot of design versatility. It is also possible to buy a leftover lot of carpet tiles to give a new lease of life to a large surface, for example a dilapidated attic. Carpet tiles are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Generally, they are made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton, jute or synthetic fabrics, and are constructed from tufts of very long and very fine yarn. Each yarn is cut into a varying number of narrow, evenly spaced slits. Carpet tiles are quite rough, so they are not prone to ripping or tearing, and this means that a high-quality piece can look good for many years to come.

5 tasty beer colors


The color names below will certainly be familiar to the beer lover. These are the most drunk beers that are released in different variants. People who want to know a little more about these beers should read on. Maybe you will discover new facts about your favorite beer.


Blonde beer owes its name to the golden yellow color of the beer. These beers are fresh and have a soft taste because they contain less hops than other beers. Blonde beer is also sometimes referred to as a sweet beer. That is why blond beer is particularly popular in the summer. Blonde beer falls under the specialty beers with a top fermentation. It is a Belgian beer style and the alcohol percentage varies between 6% and 9%.


Amber beer is a lesser known color because this beer is not actually a type in itself. Yet these copper-colored beers are quite well-known. The amber beer owes its color to the pale malts used in the brewing process. The beer is spicy in taste and has a low to medium bitterness. The alcohol percentages of these amber beers vary between 4.4% and 6.1%.


Brown or dark beer naturally owes its name to the dark brown color of the beer. In the past, pure brown malt was used in the brewing process, but that is different nowadays. The beer is brewed with pale malt to which we add dark malts in the process. This gives brown beer a sweet aftertaste and is especially popular among women. The alcohol percentage varies between 4% and 6%.


Black beer is a German pilsner with an opaque black color. Only dark malts are used in the brewing process of these beers. Black beer has a low fermentation and the alcohol percentage varies between 4.5% and 5%. The beer has a burning bitter taste with a low sweet aftertaste and the aroma is full of aromas of the roasted malt.


Rosé beer owes its name to the pink-red color. The beer has a fresh and sweet taste that is often reminiscent of raspberry, cherry or strawberry. It is a light beer that is mainly drunk in the summer. Originally, a rosé beer is a wheat beer to which fruit juices are added during the brewing process. This creates the fruity taste. The alcohol percentage of rosé beer is often around 3%.